What is

NOKELA PROJECT is a company involved in the catering business. Our team consists of experienced professionals in the food industry, in various aspects of the field, such as customer service, interior designing (bars, restaurants), organizing and executing various events more than ten years.

Nokela Project’s goal is to provide high quality and affordable catering services to tv & movie productions, events, and conferences, using top quality raw materials from carefully selected local producers in order to prepare meals based on a balanced diet and fully respecting dietary habits of our customers. Everything is cooked the same day and served in the designated area fresh and warm. We aim to decrease our ecological footprint in any way possible and avoid food wasting by offering the remaining portions to individuals or communities in need.

Our suppliers, premises and delivery services follow the latest health and hygiene protocols according to the international standards.

In addition to our high gastronomic services, our philosophy is to create a cozy and friendly environment, inspired by the old “Nokela” atmosphere (neighborhoods of small houses with shared backyards).


Our philosophy is to provide high gastronomy services in combination with the creation of a warm and friendly atmosphere. The sense of camaraderie and companionship, as reflected in the nokelas of the old Athens, is our source of inspiration and our goal.

A goal that we achieve thanks to the use of carefully selected local, and not only, products, the minimization of our ecological footprint and our commitment to an even result that meets the requirements and the uniqueness of each event.


With respect to the environment, NOKELA makes a conscious choice to use recyclable packaging, which while being eco-friendly, they also meet the aesthetic perception of the company.

We avoid waste and channel the products, which were not consumed, to communities in need.

We strive for zero waste, separate organic from non-organic and recycle as much as possible.

We source only fresh materials staying true to our quest for top quality of raw materials, but also avoid plastic packaging. Respectively, our fruits and vegetables are organic, selected from pure fields, which do not use agrochemical systems.